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Your roadmap to an offer letter!

Learn how I got my clients more than 100% hike from companies like Apple, BCG, Goldman, EY, and 100 more.

21 June - 23 June
8 PM to 10 PM IST (Indian Standard Time)

People from this "JOB Search workshop" got into

Discover the keys to get your dream job

Day 1: ATS Resume, Cover Letter and LinkedIn 

My 3 step method to preparing your customized ATS resume and get in the Top 1% of all job seekers.

My 2 step method to prepare a targeted resume & Cover letter within 10 & 30 minutes.

How to check how good or bad your resume is and how to Improve.

How to check Your chances of getting an interview call and how to improve.

How to clear all ATS and how to rank in the top 10%, 5%, 1% of the people.

Live Resume Format and Resume content creation.

How to create your LinkedIn Profile: Top 3 things to take care of in your LinkedIn Profile.

How to Test how good or bad your LinkedIn profile is.

How to make a cover letter for Freshers, Experienced, Career change

Resume Created by me for Finance, Data Science, HR, Marketing, IB, Software development, Audit, and many more profiles.

Day 2: How to get interview calls?

My LinkedIn profile optimization strategy and how to beat your competition on LinkedIn.

My 2 step easiest & Fastest method to get a job.


My LinkedIn hacking blueprint to reach out to your target brands and get a job.


My value creation method for your network, even when you don’t have anything to offer.

My Strategy to increase your credibility and visibility on LinkedIn to get a job.

My top 7 tricks to target Brands and find the latest Job opportunities

My Incredible follow-up strategy to get Interview calls

The 30-second email hack gets me a 5x response from the recruiters.

Day 3: How to crack the Interview?

My Step-by-step - Interview Preparation process.

Answer to all the important questions

My 4 Step process to do your salary research

How to manage your Body language for Interview success.

Best way to answer “Behaviour question” and Interview template.

My 3 Layer onion Model to prepare for the All the Interview Question.

My Special “POA” to Get out of objections, Gap, Less experience and other loopholes

My Perfect Strategy to break free & Stand out in the interview that got my clients a hike of up to 300%

That's not it! There's more

Bonus 1: 3o+ Resume templates,  Cover letter, LinkedIn templates (For freshers, Masters/CA, Student - applying consulting & Applying for manager level post, Applying for marketing, etc).

Bonus 2: Links to free Job groups, courses, Skills, eBooks, and email lists.

Bonus 3: Script for everything from intro texts on LinkedIn to follow-up emails after the Interview, This will help to reduce your efforts by 10 times.

Bonus 4: Script of all the important questions with a strategy where you don’t have to remember any answer.

Bonus 5: Implementation plan so that you don’t give up after 2 days. (This will change job search)

How it work

Part 1

All Start with You Registering on the link below

You will get an email and welcome form after the registration.

Part 2

You will get a Joining Link on Friday.

I will see you Live  (only)


7 PM - 9 PM IST on Google Meet

Check Amazing Results after the "Job Search workshop"

Register today to get a free Resume and LinkedIn review 

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